Junior Mouthguard form

Banks Hockey Club Support Form - BHC Junior Mouthguard Support Form

Get a free mouthguard for your child

A mouthguard can help prevent damage or loss of teeth and broken jaws when playing a contact sport. It should be worn during training and while playing. A custom-made mouthguard is recommended because it is designed to fit your mouth, providing better protection.

Your child can get a custom-mouthguard from a private dentist or from Oral Health Services.


  • To qualify for a free mouthguard, your child must have:
  • a medicare card
  • a recent oral health examination and any dental decay treated
  • 4 upper front fully grown permanent teeth
  • a letter from their sports coach or registration receipt from a sporting club

Banks Hockey Club Support Form - BHC Junior Mouthguard Support Form


Oral Health Services provides a maximum of 2 mouthguards per child. If your child does not quality, you can use a store bought self-moulding mouthguard or make an appointment with a private dental clinic.

Make an appointment with Oral Health Services, call Darwin, Katherine and Gove 08 8922 6466 

At your appointment a mold of your child's teeth will be taken and sent to a laboratory. The mouthguard will be ready for collection in a couple of weeks. You can purchase store bought varieties to use in between fittings.  If your child has braces, appliances or any upcoming orthodontic treatment, talk to your orthodontist about mouthguard options.


Life Member Nomination

A guideline has been developed to provide a framework for the nomination, assessment and awarding of Banks Hockey Club (BHC) Life Membership status in line with the Constitution. A nomination for Life Membership may be submitted by any office bearer of the Club, or at least three financial members of the Club. Note that Life Members are considered financial members for life. Nominations must be submitted in writing, using the BHC Life Member Nomination Form and must be signed by the member(s) making the nomination.

BHC Life Membership Guidelines

BHC Life Member Nomination Form


COVID-19 Safety Plan

Banks Hockey Club is responsible for the safety of our players, volunteers and the public when conducting hockey activities.  In line with the NT Government's "Roadmap to the New Normal", changes in practices are necessary for the recommencement of our sport.  Our plan is based on Northern Territory Government Advice, National Principles for the Resumption of Sport & Recreation Activities, AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport in a Covid-19 Environment, and the NT Sport & Active Recreation Organisation Checklist.  This plan will run concurrently with, and suppotr the requirements of the Return to Play Safety Management Plan of Hockey NT for Marrara Hockey Centre.

Banks Hockey Club - COVID-19 Safety Plan


COVID-19 Participation Procedures

In line with our COVID-19 Safety Plan, below are our Club's Participation Procedures to ensure a safe hockey environment.  It is expected all members adopt these Procedures for the benefit of players, our sport and the wider community.

Banks Hockey Club - COVID-19 Participation Procedures 


Hockey NT COVID-19 Safety Plan

This Safety Management Plant (SMP) applies from Monday 18 May 2020 when training shall commence and is subject to directives issued by the Northern Territory Chief Health Officer.

The purpose of the plan is to establish agreed protocols for the management of illness in athletes and other personnel attending the Marrara Hockey Centre (MHC) and to reduce exposure to and the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Return to Play Safety Management Plan of Hockey NT for Marrara Hockey Centre





2021 Darwin Hockey League Rules




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