Life Members


Life Membership is recognised as the highest recognition that can be awarded to a member in acknowledgement of exceptional service and contribution over an extended period of time. 

Throughout our clubs history a number of members have contributed significantly to our club. These members have received recognition of that contribution through the awarding of life membership of the Banks Hockey Club.

The following members have received this recognition:

Barry Humphries (dec)

Lesley Duncan

Stewart Cox (dec)

Val Keirs (dec)

Kathy Curby (dec)

Meg Visentin

Rolly Griffin

Jeanette Carroll

Merideth Cox

Marion Visentin

Peter PangQuee

Gerry Swan

Geoff Grey

Peter Bailey

Joe Gallacher

Noel Condon (dec)

Ted Visentin

Vanda West

Pip March

Clayton Archer

Bob Bulasch

Jo Wallace

Don Mitchell

Katie Fahy

Doreen Walton

Roxene Cahill

Sue Bulasch

Matthew Stripling

Jerry Whitfield

Michael Visentin



Life Member Nomination

Do you know someone who could be considered a Banks Hockey Club Life Member?

A guideline has been developed to provide a framework for the nomination, assessment and awarding of Banks Hockey Club (BHC) Life Membership status in line with the Constitution.

A nomination for Life Membership may be submitted by any office bearer of the Club, or at least three financial members of the Club. Note that Life Members are considered financial members for life.

Nominations must be submitted in writing, using the BHC Life Member Nomination Form and must be signed by the member(s) making the nomination.


BHC Life Membership Guidelines

BHC Life Member Nomination Form

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