Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started


Please note before registering

All members are required to pay the Hockey NT & Hockey Australia registration costs at the time of registering.

  • The cost is $58.59 for juniors and $110.43 for seniors.  
  • Players can not take the field if they are not registered.

Please read all registration options carefully as there are a number of options to choose from. This year all payments for the registration costs and Banks Hockey Club fees will be done online through this site.

If you are a Senior Player and not in a financial position to pay both the Hockey NT Registration and Banks Hockey Club Fees, please select Senior registration only option. You will then need to email the Treasurer to arrange a payment plan. 

Played Indoor?

Please note that if you are currently playing indoor, you will not be required to pay the HA/HNT registration costs again. When registering, the system will automatically recognise that this has already been paid and the amount will be reflected as $0 on the payment screen. 

Sports Vouchers?

  • The NT Government Sport Voucher Scheme makes it easier for children to participate in sport. Children in urban areas receive a $100 voucher twice a year and these can be used for your Banks Hockey Club Fees.
  • If you have a voucher to use when registering please use the Discount code SPORTSVOUCHER24 at checkout. This will deduct $100 from your BHC Junior fees (Vouchers can not be used for HNT Registration costs). You will be prompted during the registration process to add the sports voucher number to be remitted against the BHC Fees component. By adding the voucher numbers, you agree to allow BHC to submit that voucher for payment against the applicable fees. In the event that there are amounts outstanding, you will be sent an invoice for payment of that residual amount. 

Non-playing coaches, umpires and tech officials

Non-playing coaches, umpires and tech officials are also required to register at no cost, select Non-Playing Membership. 

Transferring from another club?

If you are new to Banks Hockey Club and have previously played in another club, you can now RENEW your registration with Banks.  This will trigger a transfer process. If you are directed to request a transfer, please email our secretary at banks_hockey_club so we can monitor and progress a smooth transfer.

Please select NEW MEMBER if you have never registered for Hockey before.

Please select RETURNING MEMBER if you have registered for Hockey in the past.

Terms and Conditions must be ticked after scrolling to the end of the Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, contact us

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